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Seeing through the fog of war

ExtremeScan is a non-profit, non-governmental international collaboration of independent researchers and academics that aims to inform the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping Russian society and politics. We conduct public opinion polling in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus in order to provide unbiased data on the public mood amidst the escalating crisis.

Elena Koneva


A high-level professional in the field of public opinion polling and market research with over 30 years in executive positions in the industry

February 2022 - untill the mission is fulfilled

2016 - present time

2010 - 2016

1991 - 2010

1988 - 1994

ExtremeScan agency: founder and resercher

Business development director at DataTile

Managing Director at Ipsos Comcon

Founder and director of COMCON

Head of the Moscow branch of VCIOM, under the leadership of Tatyana Zaslavskaya, and Deputy of Director of VCIOM, Yuri Levada.

Organizing rapid opinion polls on critical issues. In the 1980s the methodology allowed to gather F2F representative surveys throughout the USSR in just 3 days, without internet and computers. It was a historical period in Russia when sociology worked for economic reforms and the democratization of society. 


Politically & Industry Impactful Projects

  • Research of protest activity at the end of 80s.

  • Life of Soviet germans.

  • Freedom protests in Lithuania in Jan 1991 followed by separation and independence of the country.

  • Coup in August 1991.

  • Creation of the first CATI call center in Russia.

  • Moscow Mayor Elections in 2013, the first and the last “fair” elections in Russia.

  • Study of public opinion in Russia since February 2022.

  • Study of the electoral behavior of Russian residents from January to March 2024.

  • Study of public opinion in Ukraine since March 2022.


Moscow State University

Department - Psychology

Specialization - Political psychology
Academic work - “Structure of ethnopolitical stereotypes“

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